• Mutant Mind FK 460g

Mutant Mind FK 460g


The epic nootropic pre-workout of 2024.

MUTANT® MIND FK™️ is a bold, new, nootropic workout experience. This science-backed bastard brings the slow-burn “flow-state focus” needed to push past failure and get more reps.

  • 6g Tyrosine + Taurine = "The Nootropic Combo"
  • 1.5g Nitrosigine = " The Blood & Mind Flow"
  • 1g Dual Action Choline = "The Brain Blend"
  • 200mg Enfinity® Paraxanthine = "Caffeine evolved"
Mutant Mindfk


Mutant Mindfk

Fully Dose, Science-Backed, S-Tier Formulation.

Formulated with the next evolution of caffeine, Enfinity® Paraxanthine, and the badassery of 7 other cutting-edge clinically studied ingredients.

This "Full Disclosure Blend" ensures that the active ingredients in Mutant® MIND FK™ are at peak efficacious levels, so you can "focus-up" and destroy your workout. For most people, you'll feel the kick in about 15 minutes, and the experience can last up to 5 hours!''