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Dymatize Creatine Monohydrate offers an ultra fine blend of creatine monohydrate that ensures efficient absorption, and improves muscle performance during high intensity activity such as resistance training and other anaerobic activities. If you’re engaging in regular resistance training then creatine is a must have addition to your supplement stack. This ergogenic aid is one of the most studied and most proven supplements on the sports nutrition market.

Supplementing with creatine boosts your muscle stores of phosphocreatine, the substrate you need to replenish your ATP when performing high intensity anaerobic exercise. This allows you to perform for longer at a given intensity before succumbing to fatigue! Potentially adding those critical, extra reps to your workout sets.

• Greater Workload capacity
• Strength Gains
• Lean Muscle Growth / Muscle Building
• Enhanced Training Performance
• Muscle Hydrator / Cell Volumizer
• ATP (energy) Stimulator

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