• Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 6lbs

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 6lbs

If you are the classic “hard gainer” who struggles to gain muscle no matter how hard you train, taking in the correct nutrients and in generous doses is an absolute must. Unless your protein and calorie intake is sufficient you will struggle to gain muscle mass. Optimum Nutrition for this reason has expertly developed Serious Mass. This premium quality mass gainer formula provides a whopping 50g of protein per serve, as well as 1,250 calories! This consists of an incredible 250g+ of carbohydrates, ensuring that your body has the energy, and building blocks it requires to create an anabolic, muscle building enviroment.
If you’re tired of not seeing the results that you expect from your intense training regime, Serious Mass is here to help.
•Serious Weight Gain Protein Formula
•1,250 calories per serve
•50g Protein-High Protein
•25 Vitamins & Minerals + Creatine & Glutamine
•250g + of carbohydrates
•No added Sugar
•Muscle Building / Build Muscle
•Strength Gains
Beyond the generous dose of protein and carbs, Serious Mass even includes 25 vitamins and minerals to ensure no nutritional deficiencies, as well as creatine and glutamine. Creatine will further aid you in increasing muscle strength and size, while glutamine delivers anti-catabolic (muscle preserving) properties to help prevent muscle breakdown from intense training.