• Pack Nutrition Level 1 Mass Gainer Protein 10lb

Pack Nutrition Level 1 Mass Gainer Protein 10lb


At Pack Nutrition, great products start with great TASTE. Our philosophy: Go big (on taste) or go home. And, packing in the calories to get BIG has never been easier, with our delicious tasting Mass Gainer formula that includes buttermilk for the ultimate smooth, creamy shake.

Taste is not the only thing we’ve set out to revolutionize, because QUALITY and PRICE are also pretty important in our books. Pack Nutrition Mass Gainer is made with grass-fed whey protein and packs 50g of protein and 250g of carbohydrate per serve. Our formula is also gluten free, and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. Even better, Pack Nutrition Mass Gainer has been priced to be super affordable, because we know that consistency is key when it comes to gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass. Getting big shouldn’t have to come with a big price tag!


To get the most out of Pack Nutrition Mass Gainer, we recommend splitting the full dose up and taking half in the morning, and half after your workout. You can also take a half dose before bed for the ultimate in muscle building fuel while you sleep. If you feel like mixing things up (literally), try combining Mass Gainer with fruit, oats, or nut butters in a smoothie.   


Pack Nutrition Mass Gainer ticks all the boxes. Tastes amazing. Quality supplement staple. Solid price point. Join the PACK!